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26th December 2010

Because I got several new and very interresting photos in the last days, I decided to make another update this year!

Following manufacturers were added: DEULIEWAG, Deutz, HANNO, Lauster and Isotta Fraschini.

New types were added: Hansa 2000, 12/50 PS Opel 3,2 Liter Modell 90, Opel Admiral Kübelwagen, Tatra 75, Tatra 87, Fiat 515, Fiat 1500, Hansa Lloyd RW Lorry, Austro-Fiat AFL, Laffly W 15 TCC, Renault AFKD, Fiat 666 NM, Isotta Fraschini D80, SPA Dovunque 35, Magirus MLO, Isobloc W 240 F2, DEULIEWAG DA 32, DEUTZ MTZ 320, FAMO LV, FAMO Boxer, HANNO R 33, Hanomag RD 36 and Lauster Wargel LW 5.

New or additional photos can be found on following sides: BMW 329, Krupp L 2 H 143 s. gl. Pkw., Mercedes-Benz G 5, Opel 1,3 Liter, Fiat 2800, Benz 1 CN, Magirus M 206, NAG L8, Renault AHS, SPA 38R, ZIS-5, FAUN ZRS, Sd. Ah. 203, s. Anh. mit Betr. St. Kess. Anl. (o) and a further unknown tank trailer.






9th December 2010

The sides of the m. Zgkw. 5t and  s.W.S. were completed and corrected based on new information from Tracts No. 22-3. The information of the Röhr side was reworked with the help of Mr. Schollenberger from the Röhr Auto IG.

Further manufacturers were added:: Denonville & Benelli.

Following types were added: Benelli 500 M 36 triciclo, Fiat 500 A Topolino, Fiat 1100 L, Büssing-NAG type 50/500, VOMAG 8 LR, Denonville lorry, Crossley IGL 8, Dodge model 1936 omnibus, Latil M2 TZ, Morris Commercial C8 FAT, s. Zgkw. 12t Type DB s8, Sd. Ah. 31, Ah. 422, Motoranwärmer (fahrbar), Eyler tank trailer (license DAF), s. Anh. mit Betr. St. Kess. Anl. (o), Tatra T 110 tank trailer, Anhänger (6achs) für schwere Lasten bis 60t Culemeyer, Anhänger für schwere Lasten bis 150t and Coder / Titan trailer.

Additional or new photos can be found on following sides: Mercedes-Benz G 3 a, Krupp L 2 H 143 commander’s cabriolet, Stoewer Arkona / Sedina, Tempo G 1200, Wanderer W 22 Kübelwagen, Büssing-NAG Type 500 A, Dürkopp L 3, Henschel type 33 B 1 (LC), Krupp L 2 H 143 (Mastkraftwagen), VOMAG 5 Cz, VOMAG 5 LR, Willeme lorry type unclear, Morris Commercial CS8, CMP 15cwt, International Series D Omnibus, Sd. Kfz. 7 armoured and several two-axle trailers.

In addition, there are some new unknown lorries and omnibuses.

Because this is the last update in the year 2010, I’d like to wish all friends of this site a peaceful Advent season, a happy Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011!






7th November 2010

Following types were added: Steyr type 30, Hansa Lloyd Bremen III, Hansa Lloyd Bremen IV, Hansa Lloyd Dreitonner, Saurer RR 7 and Sd. Kfz. 251/22 (model photos).

New or additional photos can be found on following sides: Adler 12N-RW (Kfz. 18), Borgward B 3000 A, Büssing-NAG 550, Büssing-NAG Eilschlepper (early model), Einheitsdiesel (high tarpaulin), Ford 3ton model 1939, Opel Blitz 3,6-6700 A medical box body, Phänomen Granit 25 platform lorry, VOMAG 7 OR 660 with 8,8cm Flak 18 (Sf.), Panhard K 101 (model 1937), Fross-Büssing 4000, Skoda 404 D / 406 D, Skoda 706, Ford lorry model 1937, Kom MAN F2 N6, 8,8cm Flak 18 on s. Zgkw. 12t, Sd. Kfz. 9 (late model), Sd. Kfz. 9/1 and Sd. Kfz. 253 with makeshift crane.






4th October 2010

Following types were added: Opel P 4 Kübelwagen, Ford Eifel model 1935, Mercedes-Benz Type 170 Kübelwagen, Polski-Fiat 508/III W Lazik Kübelwagen, Skoda 606 D / 706, Albion AM 463, NAG E3 Omnibus, Gräf & Stift V 6 Omnibus, Cletrac HG, Sd. Ah. 32, Sd. Ah. 33 (BA) and Sd. Ah. 111.

New or additional photos can be found on following sides: Mercedes-Benz Type 170 V Police Kübelwagen, Klöckner-Deutz A 3000, Kaleble Z 4 GR, MAN ML 4500 S wood gas, Austro-Fiat AFH, Ford V8-51 Omnibus, ZIS-16 Omnibus and Chevrolet COE Omnibus.






4th September 2010

The sides of the Büssing-NAG 500 S, Büssing-NAG 500A, Büssing-NAG 4500 S and Büssing-NAG 4500 A were reworked, corrected and several new photos were added.

Following types were added: Magirus M 10, Renault ADK, Albion CX1, Hansa-Lloyd Merkur IV Omnibus, Minerva Omnibus (Type unclear), FAUN Z 66 wheeled tractor and Großer Drucklufterzeuger 34 als Anhänger fahrbar.

New or additional photos can be found on following sides: Mercedes-Benz Type Stuttgart 260 Kübelwagen, Adler 12N-3G Kübelwagen (Kfz. 18), Terraplane Model 1937, FAUN L 450 / 500 Model 1938, Ford V 3000 S, Ford V8 lorry Model 1937, Renault AHR, Albion KL 127, Leyland Retriever, Opel Blitz 3,6-36S/SSM with 3.7cm Flak 36/37 (Sf) (BA), Sd. Kfz. 4/1 Panzerwerfer 42 (BA), Sd. Kfz. 10/4 with 2cm Flak 38, Sd. Kfz. 11 late (BA), Hanomag K 50, Sd. Ah. 51 and Entgiftungspflug 41 (BA).






17th August 2010

Based on new information, the Latil side was reworked and several types were newly identified. The same applies to the side of Hansa-Lloyd. The passenger car section of the Citroen side was also reworked and more exact production figures were added. The Kaelble side was reworked, too.

Following manufacturers were added: Cletrac.

Furthermore, following types were added: Cletrac E-Series, Büssing-NAG G 31 K, Henschel type 36 W 3, Latil H2 A1 Y10, Fiat 1100 A and Sd. Ah. 32/2.

Additional or new photos can be found on following sides: Le. gl. Einheits-Pkw Kfz. 4, Framo HT 1200, Kaelble Z 6 R 2A 100 / Z 6 W 2A 130, MAN F2 H6, Opel Blitz 2,5t, Phänomen Granit 25 H Kübelwagen, Tatra T 82, Berliet VDCA, Citroen Type 10 Rosalie (wood-gas) and Panhard 178.






29th July 2010

As already announced, today an update with some corrections, new types and new photos.

The Renault side was slightly reworked. The lorry formerly identified as UDB is now identified as Renault VT heavy-duty lorry. The Berliet site was updated, too. Two types were newly identified. A formerly as Berliet VSFD identified vehicle is now identified as Berliet VIP. The heavy three axle lorry, which was formerly identified as GDM derivate, is now identified as Berliet GPF. Based on better data basis, the Skoda side was reworked. Now there is exact information about the time of production and the total number produced for nearly all types.

Following brands were added: Hillman.

Following types were added: Mercedes-Benz LG 2500, NAG L8, Skoda 304, Skoda 404 D / 406 D, Laffly V 15 R, Renault AFB, Somua lorry type unknown, Hillman Minx Magnificent, Dodge T212 / D8A, Diamond T COE omnibus, Sd. Ah. 319 and the Sägevollgatter auf Anhänger fahrbar.

New or additional photos can be found on following sides: le. gl. Einheits-Pkw Kfz. 4, Ford V8-G48, FAUN ZR, Kaelble Z 6 W 2 A, Krupp LD 6,5 N 242, Magirus O 145, Mercedes-Benz L 5000, Opel Blitz 3,6-36 S, Sd. Kfz. 10, Sd. Kfz. 10/4, Steyr 200, Saurer 4 BTDv S omnibus, Skoda 254 D, Panhard 178, Bedford OYD, Karrier CK 6 and Plymouth model 1939.

New unknown vehicles can be found in the section “Help needed”.






24th July 2010

In celebration of the biennially of the site, all photos were reworked. Now, the inscriptions are much smaller so that they are less interfering. In addition, larger cut-outs were made of some photos to show the particular vehicles larger. Now, the site has exceeded an amount of 2,500 single sides!

Further additions will follow in the next days!






27th June 2010

Today only a small update.

Following manufacturers were added: Brennabor and Komnick.

Following types were added: Brennabor 12/55 PS Type ASK, Büssing-NAG Dieselschlepper, Horch 8 Type 4xx (probably 420), Horch 8 Type 3xx (probably 350), Komnick K 1, MAN Z 2 Omnibus, MAN F2 N6 Omnibus, Mercedes-Benz Type 170 H, Opel Blitz 3,5-183 Omnibus, Ford V8-91Y commander’s car, Berliet GDRK, Bernard DC-62 Omnibus, Latil H2 A1 B8 and Austin K2 Y.

New or additional photos can be found on following sides: Büssing-NAG III Gl 6, MAN F1 H6, MAN F2 H6, Mercedes-Benz LG 3000 (Kfz. 301), Opel Blitz 3,5-157 (foreign car body), Sd. Ah. 52, Sd. Kfz. 9, Sd. Kfz. 250/5, Austro-Daimler ADTK and Berliet GDRA.






22nd May 2010

Today a larger update to Pentecost:

The side of the le. Zgkw. 3t was redesigned based on new information provided in Panzer Tracts No. 22-2.

Two unidentified motor vehicles could be identified and can now be found here: Berliet 10CV delivery van and Minerva CM3.

Based on new information, some sides had to be corrected. An omnibus identified as Chevrolet COE turned out to be a Brossel omnibus. Likewise a Büssing-NAG type Burglöwe omnibus is now identified - without doubt - as an Auto-Miesse omnibus.

Following manufacturers were added: Puch, Auto-Miesse, Gillet-Herstal, Minerva & Willems.

Following types were added: DKW SB 200, FN M 86, Gillet-Herstal type 373, NSU 501 OSL, Puch 500N, Matford V8 model 1936, Dodge model 1940, Büssing-NAG type 15-150 Burglöwe, Austo-Fiat SRM, REO model 1937/38, FAUN omnibus type unclear, Saurer 2 CRDV omnibus, Polski-Fiat 621 R omnibus, Brossel omnibus, Willems omnibus, Isobloc W 843 M omnibus, Renault SXB omnibus, Chevrolet model 1934/35 omnibus, ZIS 16 omnibus, Two-Axle trailer (probably make Gothaer Waggonfabrik), Vorwärmgerät of the WL & Verwaltungsfahrzeug 1.

New or additional photos can be found on following sides: DKW NZ 350, BMW R 75 (BA), Zündapp KS 750 (BA), FN Tricar, FAUN L 400, FAUN L 900, Mercedes-Benz LG 3000, MAN type L 1, Bernard DI 6 C (late model.?), Hanomag SS 55 model 1933 and Laffly S 35 T.

Furthermore, two unknown omnibuses (4 & 5) were added..






20th April 2010

Following sides were added in the last weaks: Krupp O 4 N / OD 4 N, VOMAG 5 ZR 434, Fross-Büssing F 6500 (sales promotion), Tatra T 81, Polski Fiat 508, Delahaye 135, Renault UDD and ERF with ERF 6x4 lorry.

New or additional photos can be found on following sides: Büssing-NAG ES, Mercedes-Benz O 2600, Mercedes-Benz O 4000, Austro-Fiat FD 6, Radschlepper Ost and Morris Commercial CS8 15cwt.






12th March 2010

The License Numbers section in Miscellaneous was reworked. Now there are separate sides for the License Numbers of the Reichswehr and Wehrmacht and the SS and Waffen-SS (based on the research results of Mr. Georgens).

New sides were added for following types: Röhr with Röhr 8, VOMAG 5 LR semi trailer unit, Büssing-NAG 900 N, Fross-Büssing III FB Kondor, Imperia TA 7, Laffly S 20 TL, Chrysler Roadster model 77 (1930) and Tatra T 29.

Additional or new photos can be found on following sides: Adler 12N-RW Kübelwagen, DKW F7, Opel Admiral, Büssing-NAG 350/400, Mercedes-Benz Type L 6500, Klöckner-Deutz A 3000, VOMAG 5 LR, Chrysler Royal model 1939 and Austro-Fiat FD6.






11th February 2010

Following sides were added in the last days: Hanomag Garant, Hanomag Kurier, Stoewer R 140/150/180, Cadillac model 1938, Mercedes-Benz N 2 and Magirus M 1.

New or additional photos can be found on following sides: BMW 309 Kübelwagen, BMW 315 Kübelwagen, BMW 335, Horch 8 Type 750, Maybach SW 35/38/42, Mercedes-Benz 320, Mercedes-Benz Type Stuttgart 260 Kübelwagen, Wanderer W 22 Kübelwagen, Ford V8-78 (US-Type), Borgward 5t Lorry, FAUN L 900, FAUN LK 5, Hansa Lloyd Merkur IV, Henschel Type 40 S, Krupp LD 3 H 62, Chevrolet CC60L Model 1940, GAZ-AA/MM with radio box body, Ford V8 Lorry Model 1938/39 and Ford BB Omnibus.






31st January 2010

Today, the first update in 2010. Following changes and additions were done in the last weeks:

The Literature section was completely reworked and extended.
Following corrections were done:

The sides of the BMW Kübelwagen and the BMW passenger cars of the types 309 and 315 were corrected. The vehicle wrongly identified as Mercedes Benz G 3 with passenger car superstructure can now rightly found under Horch 8 type 40. One vehicle on the Renault YFAC side was re-identified as Renault TI 4 AE. Now there are separate sides for the BN l 8 and BN 9 models of the m. Zgkw. 5t Sd. Kfz. 6 because they are obviously distinguishable. The Berliet, Laffly, GAZ and ZIS sides were reworked and corrected, too.

Following sides were added: BMW 3/15 PS Kübelwagen, BMW 315 Kübelwagen, BMW 329, Protos with Protos 10/45 PS Type C 1, Renault Vivaquatre, Buick model 1934/35, Framo HT 1200 München, NAG KL 8, Laffly S 35 T, Chevrolet lorry model 1929/30 and GAZ-05-193.

New or additional photos can be found on following sides: Zündapp KS 600 W, Adler 2 Liter, BMW 3/20 PS, BMW 326, BMW 315, Horch 930 V, Wanderer W 23 S, Aero 30, Citroen 11CV (Familiale), Peugeot 301, Humber Snipe Utility, GAZ-M1, Buick model 1938, Chevrolet model 1938 (Behelfs Kfz. 15), Saurer BT 4500 (Wood gas), Steyr type 40 (ambulance), Steyr type 740, Peugeot DK 5 J, Latil TAR H2, Bedford WT (possibly Danish) and Sd. Ah. 51 (BA).






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