Büssing-NAG Type 900 N






This heavy Büssing-NAG type 900 N bus was photographed while it was crossing a makeshift bridge near Mechelen, Belgium. According to D 600, motorbuses with more than 30 seats were classified as schwere Kraftomnibusse (o) - which means heavy motorbuses (commercial). The vehicle with the number plate IS-123175 originally belonged to the Strassenbahn Hannover AG and was put into service on 30th December 1938. On 9th November 1939, it was sold to the Wehrmacht for 36,500.00 RM. The vehicle (Chassis no. 20488) was propelled by a Büssing FD 6 diesel engine (No. 75378). The car body originated most probably from the Düsseldorfer Waggonfabrik.






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