leichter Zugkraftwagen 3t (Sd. Kfz. 11) mit normal Artillerieaufbau






This le. Zgkw. 3t with trailed 10.5 cm le. FH 18 belonged to Panzer group Guderian. The normal Artillerieaufbau (normal artillery superstructure) offered seats for the driver, the commander and six crew men.









The le. Zgkw. 3t and the 10.5 cm le. FH 18 was a typical combination. On the left rear side of the vehicle one can see the tactical marking of a motorised artillery unit and the division sign of 10. Infanterie Division (mot).









The 7.5 cm Pak 40 was often towed by the le. Zgkw. 3t, too. Note the camouflage finish of the vehicle. Most probably, this combination was photographed in 1944.









In this photo one can see the typical takeoff of the front wheels during cross-country movement. The torsion bar suspension fits to the terrain, perfectly. A part of the ammunition was stored in the large stowage box in the centre of the superstructure. It could be adapted to the ammunition of the different calibres by different insets.









In 1943, several simplification flow into serial production. For example, the skirts of the mudguards were omitted and a bumper was attached to the front mudguards. Besides these, several further simplifications were made. (Photo: German federal archive via Wikimedia Commons; License: Creative Commons BY-SA-3.0-gb)






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