Mercedes-Benz 10/50 PS Type Stuttgart 260 (W 11 IV)






Production of the Mercedes-Benz 10/50 PS type Stuttgart 260 Kübelwagen started in 1929. The early variant can not be differentiated from the Mercedes-Benz 8/38 PS type Stuttgart 200 Kübelwagen, outwardly. Only the exact caption on the shown photo allows the identification as 10/50 PS type Stuttgart 260.









Around 1933, the wood-spoke wheels were replaced by more robust steel-disk wheels. The spare wheels were still placed on the rear of the vehicle.









Beginning around 1934, the Mercedes-Benz 10/50 PS type Stuttgart 260 got its final design. Note that the spare wheels were now attached inset into the front mudguards. In place of the spare wheel mounting on the rear, a solid towing hook was fitted.









More than 1,500 exemplars of the Mercedes-Benz 10/50 PS type Stuttgart 260 were manufactured from 1929 to 1935. Alone in 1934 and 1935, 1,507 exemplars were made.






Mercedes Typ Stuttgart 260 Kfz 18 Umbau, RGG, Hoppe



The Gefechtskraftwagen - combat motor-vehicle - (Kfz. 18), which was procured only in small numbers, was the only known variant of the Mercedes-Benz type Stuttgart 260 Kübelwagen. The load platform was modified with a superstructure made of wood on this vehicle.






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