schwerer Vermessungsanhänger (2 achs.) (Sd. Ah. 111)
schwerer Reproduktionsanhänger (Sd. Ah. 111/1) - heavy replication trailer
schwerer Kopieranhänger (Sd. Ah. 111/2) - heavy duplication trailer
schwerer Kartendruckanhänger (Sd. Ah. 111/3) - heavy map printing trailer
schwerer Schriftsetzereianhänger (Sd. Ah. 111/4) - heavy type setting trailer
schwerer Buchdruckanhänger (Sd. Ah. 111/5) - heavy letterpress printing trailer






The schwere Vermessungsanhänger (2 achs.) (Sd. Ah. 111) – a heavy two-axle survey trailer – and its five subvariants could be found in survey and map units of Armies and higher levels.









The superstructure could be extended on the right side to create more room inside. During travels, the parts were stored on the right side of the superstructure.









The left and rear side of the Sd. Ah. 111. The three upper photos originate from the Armee Karten Stelle 517 – army map office 517 – which was attached to 17. Armee.









This Sd. Ah. 111 was photographed while the sideward extension was attached. Observe the printing machine inside of the interior. Most probably it is a Sd. Ah. 111/3.






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