Denonville 8 ton lorry



Denonville Lkw (B), bei WL, Hoppe



From 1937 to 1940, about 150 Denonville lorries and semi-trailer units were manufactured. The 5 ton lorry was propelled by a Cummins diesel engine while the 8 ton lorry was propelled by a MAN diesel engine. This rare Denonville 8 ton lorry was used by a unit of the Luftwaffe.









On this photo, one can see a further Denonville 8 ton lorry used by the Wehrmacht. The used engine was most probably a six-cylinder diesel engine MAN type D 3555 with a capacity of 13.31 litres and a power of 150 HP which was also used for the MAN F4/F5. Note the similarity of the front part of the vehicle between the MAN and the Denonville.






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