Ford Eifel (Type 20 C)



Ford Eifel Mod 1935 Limousine IE-99434, bei WH, Hoppe



Beginning in mid 1935, the Ford Eifel (type 20 C) replaced the Ford Köln. It was a variant of the British Ford 10 HP. The Ford Eifel was propelled by a 34 HP, 1.2 litres four-cylinder engine. The car body of the two door limousine was made by Ambi-Budd.









This Ford Eifel two door cabriolet-limousine belonged to a medical unit of 7. Panzer Division. The modernised variant of the Ford Eifel was manufactured from 1937 to 1939. In addition, there were two and four seated cabriolets, a two door limousine, a roadster and a delivery van. The car in the background is an Opel P4.









These two drawn in Ford Eifel had not received a camouflage finish so far. The design of the ventilation openings are clearly visible in this photo. The photo was made in Poland in 1939.






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