MAN Type F2 H6






In 1935, the MAN F1 H6 was reworked and offered as MAN F2 H6 from this time on. The payload was increased to 6 tons. The optional petrol engine was dropped. Mainly, Simplex rims were used but there were also MAN F2 H6 with disk rims like the illustrated vehicle of a unit of the Luftwaffe.









The MAN F2 H6 is identifiable by the reworked driver’s cab with one piece, hinged windshield. Contrary to the similar MAN D 1, the opening for the starter crank was in the bumper in the case of the F1 H6 / F2 H6 and not in a bulge on the bumper like on the D 1. This MAN F2 H6 with lengthened footboard was made especially for the Wehrmacht.






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