Peugeot DK 5 J






The Peugeot DK 5 J 1.2 to 1.4 tons lorry was based on the Peugeot 402 passenger car. It was used in large quantities by the French army and the Wehrmacht. Approximately 12,500 units were manufactured for the Wehrmacht.









This Peugeot DK 5 J belonged to Nachrichten Bataillon 101 of 101. Jäger-Division. Because of the missing cross-country mobility, such vehicles were not suitable for the use in Russia.






Peugeot DK 5 Hochpritsche, Hoppe



The Peugeot DK 5 J with high platform was rare. Most vehicles of this type had a low platform with wheel housings which can be seen on the two upper photos.









Likewise rare was the Peugeot DK 5 J with a superstructure as ambulance. The illustrated vehicle was photographed on a frontline airstrip in front of a Ju 52.






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