MAN Type ML 4500 S






Approximately 8,500 exemplars of the MAN type ML 4500 S/A 4.5 tons lorry were manufactured from 1940 to 1945, whereby 2,000 exemplars were made under license by ÖAF. This ML 4500 S needed help. The ventilation louvres beneath the removable side panel of the engine bonnet were arranged getting smaller to the back. They were all the same size on the MAN ML 4500 A.









This MAN type ML 4500 S had a box body made by the troop. There were also standard box bodies on this type. Note the camouflage net placed over the windshield. By the way, the tank crewman in front of the lorry is a veteran of the Afrika Korps.









A limited number of MAN ML 4500 S lorries were equipped with wood gas generators to use regional propellants. Note the precipitation tank below the engine bonnet. The additional gas cooler was nearly hidden behind the slightly lengthened engine bonnet.









The gas generator was located on the right side behind the driver’s cab while a lumberyard was located on the left side. Both illustrated vehicles had a WH-numberplate but were most probably photographed in the homeland.






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