BMW 309 Kübelwagen






The BMW 309 Kübelwagen was manufactured from 1934 to 1935. Mainly Kfz. 2 were made of this type. The ventilation louvres were stamped into the side plates of the engine bonnet on the 1934 model.









Note the arrangement of the ventilation louvres on this rare Kfz. 1 based on a BMW 309. The spare wheels were stored at the rear on the Kfz. 1.









The BMW 309 Kübelwagen was propelled by a four-cylinder engine with a power of 24 HP. The ventilation louvres were stamped into an additional superimposed plate on the 1935 model. The same design was used on the 1935 model of the BMW 315, but in this case, only Kfz. 1 were made.









This Kfz. 2 based on a BMW 309 was photographed during a military exercise. From this perspective, the Lager für Rückentrage - mounting for carrying frame - with the cable reel for 300 m of heavy field cable as well as the method of the laying of the field cable are clearly visible.






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