Mercedes-Benz Type L 6500 (L 54)






The Mercedes-Benz Type L 6500 was made beginning in 1935. This design of the driver’s cab was used until 1937. The Mercedes star on the radiator grille was missing. This formerly civilian vehicle was marked with a white WH on the mudguard as vehicle of the Wehrmacht.









The Mercedes-Benz type L 6500 lorries with a payload of around 7 tons partially originated from the Reichsbahn. They were used mainly with the supply and motor vehicle columns. This L 6500 had the newer complete steel driver’s cab used beginning in 1938. The production of these heavy lorries was stopped during war. The photo was taken on a runway at the Don river in September 1942.






Mercedes L 6500 K, Hoppe



The Mercedes-Benz L 6500 K dumper with short wheelbase was a rather rare vehicle. The ventilation dampers of the engine bonnet are clearly visible from this perspective.






Mercedes L 6500 t-mil WL-101701, TKZ Ufo 115, Aubrat via Hoppe



Obviously, some Mercedes-Benz type L 6500 were made especially for the Wehrmacht. These vehicles had the open standard driver’s cab of the Wehrmacht.






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