Tempo G 1200



Tempo 1200 Kübelwagen, bei WL, Hoppe



The cross-country vehicle Tempo G 1200 had all wheel drive and four wheel steering. It was propelled by two 19 HP two-stroke engines, one in the font and one in the rear. As an effect of this construction, it had an outstanding cross-country mobility.









Several vehicles were tested by the Wehrmacht. Apparently, the Einheits-Pkw’s were preferred so that the Tempo was rejected. The Tempo G 1200 was also tested in Austria and France.









Larger numbers of Tempo G 1200 cross-country passenger cars were exported. For example, Sweden received 985 exemplars. The vehicle in this colour picture postcard from a Scandinavian museum shows such an exported vehicle. Most probably, the picture was taken in the 1980s.






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