Büssing-NAG Type ES






The Büssing-NAG type ES (fast tractor) was manufactured from 1935 to 1937. It was propelled  by a  four-cylinders, 85 HP diesel engine. It could reach a pulling force of 22 to 26 tons. The vehicle in this photo, which is sadly a bit out of focus, is the initial model of the Büssing-NAG ES from the year of construction 1935.









Beginning in 1936/37, the Büssing-NAG ES was redesigned with the new Büssing-spider. This vehicle, which was photographed in Lengerich on 19th December 1939, had the new Büssing-spider radiator grille but old style side plates.









With lengthened wheelbase, the Büssing-NAG type ES was offered with platform superstructure. This variant was also offered as three-way tipper. The illustrated vehicle of the conclusion model had the new style side plates.






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