Opel 1,3 Liter



Opel 1,3 Liter Cabrio IVB-35473 WH, Münch via Hoppe



Altogether 29,002 exemplars of the Opel 1.3 Liter were made from 1933 to 1935. Besides the illustrated four seated cabriolet, a two door limousine, a four door limousine and a two door cabriolet-limousine were offered. The Opel 1,3 Liter is hard to be differentiated from the larger Opel 2,0 Liter. Unfortunately, the soldier covers a large part of the louvres so one can identify the 1,3 Liter model only by the quite short wheelbase and the flat hubcaps.






Opel 1,3 Liter Cabrio-Limousine IE-64658, Hoppe



This Opel 1,3 Liter Cabriolet-limousine is a 1934 model. Beginning in 1935, vertical arranged vebtilation louvres were stamped into the side plates of the engine bonnet. Compared to those of the Opel 2,0 Liter, they were less numerous and more rough.






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