If one concerns with the usage of motor vehicles of the German Wehrmacht before and during World War II, many questions arise. Besides the capture of vehicle brands and the used types and their development many other aspects are of interest. How were the vehicles of the Wehrmacht classified or subdivided according to their usage? What was the meaning of the license plates? Which colouring was used for the camouflage coat?
These entire questions will be answered here. Information about official abbreviations, Kfz. Numbers and license numbers are given here. One side is dealing with the used camouflage coats. Iinformation about the wood gas drive, Nachtmarschgerät - literally translated: night march device - and the fuel-supply can be found here, too.






License numbers

License numbers of the RW and WH

License numbers of the SS and Waffen-SS



Vehicle classification-system

Loading classes




Camouflage finish

The Schell-Plan




Wood-gas drive


Fuel supply






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