ZIS-5 / ZIS-5V






The ZIS-5 was up to the strains of the east front, better than many more modern German lorries. It was propelled by a 76 HP petrol engine. Typical for the ZIS-5 was for example the asymmetric attached brace in the windshield. At the beginning of war against the Soviet Union, the Red Army had 104,200 exemplars of this type. Further 83,000 exemplars of the ZIS-5V which had simplified mudguards and wooden doors were manufactured during war.









This ZIS-5 was used by a maintenance unit. It was slipped off the road on icy ground and was refloated by a half track vehicle. Note the unusual Balkenkreuz (national identification cross) on the dropside of the ZIS-5.









Tank lorries based on the chassis of the ZIS-5 were rare. The illustrated vehicle was made movable again by soldiers of a German unit.






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