mittlerer Zugkraftwagen 5t (Sd. Kfz. 6 & 6/1) type BN 9 & BN 9b






The type BN 9 was manufactured from May 1939 to February 1941. From February 1941 to November 1943, the type BN 9b was made. Besides other detail changes, the type BN 9b had a changed braking system, a central lubrication system and a changed trailer coupling. Therefore, the types BN 9 and BN 9b are hardly distinguishable. The new stronger engine Maybach HL 54 TUKRM caused a further extension of the vehicle of around 20 cm compared to the predecessor model BN l 8 resp. DB l 8.









Compared to the model BN l 8 resp. DB l 8, the plate below the radiator grille was noticeable broadened. The driving wheel had exchangeable rubber pads contrary to the rubber bandage of the predecessor model. Because of the lengthened engine bonnet, the side plates had 17 instead of 14 ventilation louvres.






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