Henschel Type 40 S 1 / 40 S 2






Successor of the Henschel type 38 S was the Henschel type 40 S. Besides the new radiator grille, the payload was increased to 4.5 tons. The longer engine bonnet compared to the Henschel type 30 T and the ten wheel bolts are clearly visible.






Henschel Typ 40 S WH-127292, Hoppe



This Henschel type 40 S 2 of the Wehrmacht had the production line driver’s cab. The ten wheel bolts and the design of the rims of the front axle were typical for this model. Note that the radiator grille is missing in the case of the illustrated vehicle.









The driver’s cab and some other details on this Henschel type 40 S 2 do not correspond to the series production. The photo was made during shipment in the harbour of Szczecin in May 1940.






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