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Hans Gustav Röhr founded the Röhr Auto AG in 1926. Proper plant grounds were found in Ober-Ramstadt near Darmstadt. The factory buildings were raised by the Munitionsfabrik Max Walbinger – an ammunition manufacturer – in 1917. From 1922 to 1926, the factory buildings were owned by the Falcon Werke AG which made automobiles. After their bankrupt, Röhr could acquire the plant grounds. Serial production of the Röhr 8 started already in 1927. For the fist time in a German automobile, independent suspension, low flor box frame and rack and pinion steering was used. Due to the light weight construction, the Röhr 8 weighed only 1,000 kg. Despite the good order situation, bankrupt had to be announced in the course of the world economic crisis in 1930.
Production could be re-started with new investors in 1931 but Hans Gustav Röhr had to retire from the management. The new company had the name Neue Röhr Werke AG. In the period following, the Röhr 8 type F and FK and the Röhr Junior (license Tatra) were manufactured. About 4,000 vehicles were made until 1935. In 1935, production of the Neue Röhr Werke AG – which was borne by Jewish investors – had to be stopped in the course of the Aryanisation of the National Socialists. The machine tools and available parts from the Röhr Junior were acquired by Stoewer. The remaining parts and machines of the Röhr 8 were taken over by the company Noll & Monnard. This company performed as repair shop for Röhr cars in the formerly rooms of the repair shop section. By customer wish, single Röhr 8 type F and Röhr Junior could be assembled. In 1937, the plant grounds were acquired by MIAG which used them for the production of electric vehicles and cranes.







Year of construction:









Röhr Junior










Passenger cars:





Röhr 8 8/40 PS Type R


ca. 100



Röhr 8 9/50 PS Type R


ca. 1,000



Röhr 8 10/55 PS Type RA


ca. 350



Röhr 8 13/75 PS Type F


ca. 250



Röhr 8 Olympier 13/75/100 PS Type FK


ca. 20



Röhr Junior 6/30 PS


ca. 1,700






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