VOMAG Type 5 LR 444 / 644 / 448 / 648






The VOMAG type 5 LR had a payload of 5 tons. It was propelled by a 100 HP four-cylinder diesel engine of the type 4 R 3080. The illustrated vehicle was used as workshop lorry by Pionier Bataillon 24 of the 24. Infanterie Division.









This VOMAG 5 LR 448 had the radiator grille which was introduced in 1938/39. The vehicle had a Wehrmacht number plate but had not received a camouflage finish. Note the load of tyres of different sizes and tread patterns.









Optionally, the VOMAG type 5 LR could be ordered propelled by the stronger six-cylinder engine type 6 R 1060 which had a power of 110 HP. The vehicles with the stronger engine had a longer engine bonnet. The angular lower border of the side plate of the engine bonnet is clearly visible. The side plates of the engine bonnet of the larger VOMAG type 6 LR were rectangular.









Vehicles, which were especially produced for the Wehrmacht, are identifiably by the footboards which were lengthened to the rear mudguards. The types 5 LR 444 and 644 had a shorter wheelbase for the purpose as dumper. This VOMAG type 5 LR 648 (normal wheelbase) of the Luftwaffe was photographed in July 1942.






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