Vollgatter auf Anhänger fahrbar






The Vollgatter auf Anhänger fahrbar – log frame saw on trailer movable – was used by the engineers and the railway engineers. According to D 600, it had a permissible total weight of 5.3 tons.









After the trailer was moved to the wanted position, the log frame could be moved to the right position and could be raised.









After the log frame was raised, the bogies were moved out so that the log frame could be lowered. In the illustrated photo, the forward log frame saw was already lowered while the bogies of the hinder log frame saw were not yet moved out.









After the log frame saw was positioned, the worktables were fitted. Planks and beams of different sizes could be made. The illustrated photos originate from the Pionier Maschinen Zug 531 – engineer machine platoon 531 – and were made in Courland in summer 1941.









This log frame saw photographed in the second half of war was a further development. It was made movable by using an Sd. Ah. 204.






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