FAUN ZR 567 / ZRS 567 / ZRG 567 “Verkehrsschlepper”






The two-axle FAUN ZR 567 wheeled tractor was manufactured from 1938 to 1944. It was propelled by a 150 HP Deutz diesel engine and it had a permissible total weight of 10.6 tons. The total train could reach a total weight of 40 tons - good road conditions assumed.









The FAUN ZR 567 wheeled tractor was an impressive vehicle. As a comparison, have a look at the size of the standing soldier in front of the vehicle. This type had a cable winch as serial equipment. The vehicles belonged to an unidentified unit of the Luftwaffe.









A further FAUN ZR 567 wheeled tractor seen from behind. Vehicles, which were propelled by a wood gas device, were designated FAUN ZRG 567. The engines with wood gas drive had an output of only 110 HP.






FAUN ZRS WH-1291833, Anderson via Hoppe



The FAUN ZRS 567 wheeled tractor, which was manufactured beginning in 1941, was also able to drive on rails so it could be used as auxiliary locomotive. The rail wheels were stored in the rear box while driving on roads. Normally, ballast were stored there to increase the towing capacity.






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