Unassigned two axle trailers with platform






This two axle trailer could be a trailer, which was made especially for the Luftwaffe. This type is often seen in connection to Luftwaffe units.









This two axle trailer could be the 4 ton model Express III of the Gothaer Waggonfabrik AG which is illustrated in the Autotypenbuch 1937.









Most probably, this is also a trailer from the Gothaer Waggonfabrik. It could be the type FIX IV for a payload of 2.5 tons.









This heavy two axle trailer is most probably a trailer of the company ADE. It had a payload of 7.5 to 8 tons.






Anhänger 2-Achs offen, Hoppe



The following trailers could not be identified so far. According to the size, the payload of this trailer was around 8 tons.









This dual tyred trailer of the 5 ton class had a makeshift box body. A stowing box was attached to the front of the trailer. It served with II. Flak Korps.









Interestingly, this two axle trailer for a payload of about 3 to 4 tons had dual tyre arrangement on the rear axle. The meaning of this is a bit mysterious. Most probably, this trailer does not origin from the German Reich.









A trailer of the 5 ton class with dual tyre arrangement on both axles was broken into ice covered waters together with its towing lorry. This trailer had a makeshift box body, too.









This light two axle lorry of the 2 to 3 ton class was converted to a mobile field kitchen by mounting a kleine Feldkochherd - a small field range - on its platform.






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