Horch 930 V






The Horch 930 V was made beginning in 1937. It was the successor of the Horch 830 B. Only the Horch 830 BL was made until 1940. The planned successor model for the Horch 830 BL – the Horch 930 L – did not enter production because of the war. The illustrated vehicle is a Horch 930 V cabriolet of the first series from 1937.






Horch 930 V Cabrio Th-93648 WH, Hoppe



The Horch 930 V of the second series had one piece side windows without vent windows in the front doors. Contrary to the vehicle shown above, this Horch 930 V had received a camouflage finish.






Horch 930 Hardtop 4 Türen, bei WH, Baier via Hoppe



The Horch 930 V limousine had four doors. There was a large sun roof in the roof of the car body. The first series of the limousine had additional vent windows.






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