Horch 8 Type 40



Horch 8 Typ 40 RW-1612, Hoppe



The Horch 8 Type 40 was the only three-axle passenger car which was developed during the 1920s which was manufactured in numbers worth mentioning. About 60 exemplars were made from 1926 to 1928. The vehicle was propelled by a 3.5 litres Horch engine with a power of 65 HP and had 6x4 drive.









Interestingly, there are differences in detail between different vehicles. A sign that these vehicles were still under development at that time. The lower vehicle was painted in Feldgrau – field grey – or a similar colour. The fenders and the chassis were painted black. Also interesting is that the radiator grille, the headlights and some embellishments were chromed. In contrast, the upper vehicle had the three tone Buntfarbenanstrich of the Reichswehr.






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