Ford G 987 T (four-cylinder), G 087 TG (four-cylinder wood-gas) &
Ford V8 G 917 T (G 917 T St IIIa), V8 G 997 T ( G 997 T St IIIb)






Various models of the Ford 3 ton lorry model 1939 were manufactured from 1939 to 1942. Contrary to the American model, the German Ford had a one piece windshield and a changed radiator grille. The illustrated vehicle belonged to 6. Panzer Division.









The four-cylinder models replaced the Ford BB. They were manufactured mainly for the civilian market. This Ford 3 ton lorry had the German windshield but the radiator grille of the American model. It was used by an artillery regiment.









The Ford 3 ton lorry model 1939 was made with the open standard driver’s cab of the Wehrmacht, too. Altogether, about 25,000 Ford 3 ton lorries model 1939 were manufactured. The models (Wehrmacht models in braces) G 917 T (G 917 T St IIIa) and G 997 T (G 997 T St IIIb) can not be differentiated by their outer appearance. They had different engines (3.6l and/or 3.9l). This Ford lorry was photographed in Rumania on 6th October 1941.









This Ford 3 ton lorry model 1939 of a regular police unit had a platform with benches as personnel carrier. It was photographed during an anti partisan action in the Balkans. (Photo: German federal archive via Wikimedia Commons; License: Creative Commons BY-SA-3.0-gb)






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