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26th December 2011

Today, this is the last update for 2011. For lack of time and difficulties by acquiring new photos, there will be only one update per quarter beginning in 2012.

The side of the 8-Rad Panzerspähwagens Büssing-NAG Typ GS was reworked based on new information from Panzer Tracts No. 13-2. Some additional photos were added, too.

Following company was added: Hille - correction: Nacke.

Following types were added: BMW R 5, BMW R 6, BMW R 23, BMW R 51, BMW R 61, BMW R 62, BMW R 71, Hille K3 - correction: Nacke Type III RW, wheeled tractor Borgward Fünftonner, Krupp L 3, NAG KO 12, Opel 1,2 Liter, Saurer 8 BUD, Steyr 630, Chevrolet G 7107, Ah. 363 and Gebirgskarren M15 (t).

On following sides, new or aditional photos can be found: Berliet VDCN, BMW 329, BMW R 11, BMW R 35, Fross-Büssing F 6500, Fross-Büssing III FB, Gnome et Rhone AX 2, Kom Auto Miesse, Praga RN, Rochet Schneider lorry type unclear, Somua MCG 5, Flugzeugmotoren-Hebekran PPK-35 (r), If. 4, Af. 5 and Feldküche M09 (t).






9th October 2011

The side of the Einheitsdiesels was reworked again. Several variants were added.

Following types were added: Bedford K, Delahaye 103, Leyland Beaver, Unic CD 2, Krankenwagen (Sf. 2).

New or additional photos can be found on following sides: m. gl. Pkw special variant of the Reichspropagandaministeriums, Büssing-NAG G 31 l. gl. Lkw. (o), Zündapp K 500 W with sidecar, Albion BY 1 resp. BY 3, Austro-Fiat AFN model 1936/37, Berliet GDR7 with Imbert wood-gas generator, Citroe Type 11UB, If. 9/1, If. 1 resp. 2, Magirus M 165, Praga RV, Renault AHN, GMC lorry model 1935, Sd. Ah. 13 and Unic P 107.






28th August 2011

In the last months, several changes were made. So, the sides of the Mercedes-Benz G 3 / G 3 a, the Mercedes-Benz type LG 3000, the Büssing-NAG G 31, the Henschel type 33 and the Krupp L 3 H 63 / L 3 H 163 were completely new arranged. Several photos of the different variants were added.
The side of the 4-Rad Panzerspähwagen on Einheitsfahrgestellen was updated according to new information of the excellent new Panzer-Trats No. 13-1. Several new photos were added.
The Kfz., Sd. Kfz., Ah. and Sd. Ah. lists under Miscellaneous, Kfz. Numbers were completely reworked. Numerous corrections and additions were made.
Now, there are separate sides for Trailers (Ah.) and Special trailers (Sd. Ah.) in the Trailers and horse drawn wagons section. These sides were corrected and complemented, too.
The sides License numbers of the RW and WH, Loading classes and all subsides of Camouflage finish were thoroughly reworked and much additional information was added.
A table with German and foreign motorcycles was added to the motorcycle side.

The following manufacturer was added: PERL.

New types were added: Berliet Dauphine VIRP, If. 9/1, Drehkrankraftwagen (Hebekraft 10t) (Sd. Kfz. 9/2), Laffly BSR (BA), Mercedes-Benz L 1500 S, m. gl. Pkw. as Kabelmesskraftwagen (Kfz. 17), Perl L 600, PZInz 713, Rosengart LR 539 Supertraction, Studebaker K-Seriee Cab Forward, schwere Protze 18 (Kzg.), schwere Protze 18 (Bespg.) and schwerer Munitionswagen 02 (Af. 5).

New and/or additional photos can be found on following sides: Bianchi Miles (box-type lorry), Büssing-NAG III GL 6 (Kfz. 72), Büssing-NAG 500 A with wood-gas device, DKW F 5 Luxus Kabriolett, Horch 830 R (Kfz. 17), MAN ML 4500 S with wood-gas device, Kom. MAN ML 4500 S as DRK large scale operation vehicle, Opel Blitz 3,6.36 S (wheel-house platform & tank lorry), Sd. Ah. 32/2, Sd. Kfz. 234/1, Sd. Kfz. 234/3 and Skoda 306 (conclusion model). There is a further photo of one of the unknown omnibuses.

With these additions, the site has extended to over 3200 single sides!






19th May 2011

New makers: Terrot and YaG.

Following types were added: Terrot 500, Citroen 15CV Traction Avant, Latil M7T1, Krupp L 2 H 143 Fu. Kw. (Kfz. 19), Rochet Schneider lorry (type unclear), Saurer Tank-Lorry, YaG 10, AEC Regal, Fiat A 40 Kettenschlepper, Sd. Ah. 204, Anlasswagen der Luftwaffe (BA), Coles EMA mobile crane (1 x BA), and Backofenwagen (t).

Additional and/or new photos can be found on following sides: DKW SB 500, BMW 319/1, m. gl. Einheits-Pkw FuKw (Kfz. 15), Laffly/Hotchkiss W 15 T, Krupp L 2 H 143 as Kfz.. 83 I, Mercedes-Benz L 3000 S (late model), Phänomen Granit 30 van, Phänomen Granit 1500 S, Austro Fiat AFN (model 1933/34), Steyr 1500 A with box body, Tatra T 82, Wikov MNO, Willeme Lorry (Type unclear), International Series C, White 704 S, Büssing-NAG 550 / 650 N, Minerva Omnibus, Citroen Type 45 Omnibus, Praga T III, AEC Dorchester ACV, Boots-Akja and Hf. 7 Stahlfeldwagen.






20th March 2011

The side of the Krupp Protze was completely reworked. Some photos (private and BA) and images (D600) were added. The commercial vehicle section of the Fiat side was completely reworked, too. Additionally, the section of the horse drawn wagons was considerably extended.

Following types and horse drawn wagons were added: Hanomag Geländesportwagen, Saurer 3 BH, GMC Heavy Duty Truck 1934, GMC Lorry 1935, Fiat 621 (BA), Fiat 621 P/PN, AEC ACV (BA), Lancia 1Z/1ZM (BA), SPA Auto Protteto S 37 (BA), Feldhaubitzmunitionswagen (Af. 4), Beobachtungswagen (Af. 12), Rohrwagen (Af. 19), Feldhaubitzprotze 98, Feldhaubitzprotze 18, Feldhaubitzprotze 18/40 (BA), Ersatzfeldwagen 40 & 43 (2xBA), landesübliche Feldwagen (1xBA), Zweikessel-Feldküche 2KO (r), Schlitten, 300 kg (Hs. 1) (D72), Schlitten, 500 kg (Hs. 3) (D72), Krankenschlitten (Hs. 3/1) (D72), Schlitten, 1000 kg (Hs. 5) (D72), leichter Akja (D72 & BA), Waffen-Akja (D72), Boots-Akja (D72 & BA), Skikufen (D72), Baumstammkufen (D72), leichter Handschlitten (BA), landesübliche Schlitten (2xBA), Maschinengewehrhandwagen (If. 1 & If. 2) (BA), Maschinengewehrwagen, schwer (If. 3) (BA), Maschinengewehrwagen, leicht (If. 4) (BA), Maschinengewehrwagen 36 (If. 5) (1xBA), Infanteriekarren (If. 8) (2xBA), Munitionswagen (If. 12), Minenwerfer Munitionswagen (If. 13) (BA), Munitionswagen (If. 14), Voiturette d’infanterie Mle. 1937 (f), Protzwagen für 4,5cm Pak Mod. 1937 (r) (1xBA), leichter Fernsprechwagen (Nf. 2) and Infanterie Nachrichtenwagen (Nf. 7).

New and/or additional photos can be found on following sides: BMW R 75 (BA), NSU 501 OSL (BA), Ford V8-G48 lorry conversion, Hanomag Sturm, Opel 2 Liter, Wanderer W 40/45 Kabriolett, Delahaye 135 (BA), Ford Lorry Model 1939 (BA), Kaelble Z 6 G, Berliet GDRK, Morris C8 FAT, Diamond T Lorry 1936/37, Unic P 107 (BA), Sd. Kfz. 221 (converted to FuPzWg), Gepanzerter Kraftwagen (Sd. Kfz. 3) (BA), Panhard 178 rail able (BA), Sd. Ah. 53, Fallschirmjägerkarren, Stahlfeldwagen (Hf. 7) and Feldküche KP-3-37.






28th February 2011

New makes: Gnôme et Rhône, Triumph, Indiana and Twin Coach.

New types: Gnôme et Rhône AX2, Praga Piccolo 201 / 202, Praga Piccolo P 31 / P 34, Triumph Super Nine, Nash Model 1934, Skoda 206 ambulance, Berliet Lorry (1920s), Renault Lorry (1920s), Fiat 634 N / NM, Dodge Lorry Model 1933-1935, Federal Lorry Model 1935-1936, Indiana Lorry Model 1934-1937, Indiana Lorry Model 1938-1939, MAN LPS Omnibus, Twin Coach Model 30 Omnibus, Sd. Kfz. 2/1 (D600), Sd. Ah. 1/1 (D600), Sd. Ah. 1/2, Anhänger Fahrgestell (1achs) 1500 kg (D691/41), Fallschirmjägerkarren (BA), Transportkarren für leichten Ladungsträger (BA), Anhänger mit Anlage zum Nachfüllen des Sauerstoffbedarfs für Kampfflug- zeuge and Feldküche M 09 (t) with rotating stove top.

New or additional photos: Adler Favorit Limousine, le. gl. Einheits-Pkw with closed body, NSU-Fiat 1500, Wanderer W 23 Behelfs-Kübelwagen, Buick Model 1934-1935, Chrysler Model 1938, Graham Cavalier Model 1937, Willys Jeep (BA), Mercedes-Benz G 3 a Funkmastkraftwagen (Kfz. 68), Henschel Type 33 Werkstattkraftwagen (Kfz. 79), Opel Blitz 3,6-36 S, VOMAG 8 LR, FN 63C/4RM radio car, Renault AFB1, GAS-MM, Federal Lorry Model 1939, REO Lorry Model 1937-1938, FAUN O 33 D 563 Omnibus, Deutz F2 M 315 / M 317, Sd. Kfz. 2 (BA), Sd. Kfz. 3 (Opel) (BA), Sd. Kfz. 10/2, Kfz. 13 (BA), Sd. Kfz. 250/9 A, Sd. Kfz. 250/11 A (BA), M2 & T30 (BA), Vickers Armstrongs Utility Tractor, Bren Carrier (BA), Sd. Ah. 15, Sd. Ah. 21, Meiller trailer (BA), kleine Feldküche, große Feldküche (1xBA) and Hf. 2.






30th January 2011

The passenger car section of the Renault side was reworked. Now, there are more precise type designations. In addition, the manufacturer Talbot, Suresnes was added. The side of the Selbstfahrlafette auf Fahrgestell VOMAG 7 OR 660 mit 8,8cm Flak was reworked, too.

Following new types were added: Talbot T150, Deutz F 2 M 315, leichter Entgiftungskraftwagen (Sd. Kfz. 10/2), Utility Tractor, Sd. Ah. 21, Ah. 454, Anhänger für 2 x 200 Liter Kraftstoffass, Pontonwagen (Pf. 15), trailer for fire fighting equipment (model unknown), Feldküche M 09 (t), lifting crane for aircraft engines PPK-?? (r), leichter Heeresfeldwagen (Hf. 1) and schwerer Heeresfeldwagen (Hf. 2).

New or additional photos can be found on following sides: m. gl. Einheits-Pkw Kfz. 12, m. gl. Einheits-Pkw Kfz. 21, Mercedes-Benz Type 170 VK Kfz. 2/40, Renault Primaquatre, Renault Vivaquatre, l. gl. Einheits-Lkw Kfz. 302, Opel Blitz 1,5t Lkw as personnel carrier, Austro-Fiat AFN, Austro Fiat FD 6 with box body, Klöckner- Deutz S 3000 / SSM, Sd. Kfz. 10/4 with loading ramps, FAMO Boxer, Renault UE as self propelled anti tank gun, Ford V8-81Y Marmon Herrington armoured, Sd. Kfz. 251/9 D late version, Sd. Ah. 32/1 and Motorenanwärmer, fahrbar.






16th January 2011

Despite intensive efforts, photos of many trailers and some variants of the Einheitsfahrgestelle could not be found until now. Therefore, several known images from D 600 and other technical manuals were taken. These will be replaced by appropriate photos in the case when some will be found. Following images were added: Ah. 301, Ah. 302, Ah. for Tragkraftspritze (o), Diesel-Eisbereiter 40 als Anhänger, Maschinensatz 220/380 V, Motorspritze als Anhänger, Pf. 8, Pf. 10, Pf. 12, Pf. 14, Sd. Ah. 15, Sd. Ah. 20, Sd. Ah. 55, Sd. Ah. 105, Sd. Ah. 107, Tgsa 8 Bauart 1937, Vwf. 1, Vwf. 2, Vwf. 3, le. gl. E-Pkw. Kfz. 2/40, m. gl. E-Pkw. Kfz. 16, s. gl. E-Pkw. Kfz. 24, s. gl. E-Pkw. Kfz. 83 I, s. gl. E-Pkw. Kfz. 83 II, le. gl. Lkw. Kfz. 61 Fspr. Betr. Kw., le. gl. Lkw. Kfz. 62 Wett. Kw.

Following types were assed: DKW NZ 250, DKW NZ 350-1, DKW SB 500, Opel 1,8 Liter Series 18C, le. gl. Einheits-Pkw. Nachr. Kw. (Kfz. 2), le. gl. Einheits-Lkw. Meßst. u. Ger. Kw. (Kfz. 63), le. gl. Einheits-Lkw. Auswertekraftwagen (Kfz. 62), Renault ADR 1, Tatra T 72 (OA Vz 30), DAF 201 (h), M3 Scout Car, Sd. Ah. 11, Sd. Ah. 105, Sd. Ah. 127, Ah. 471, Tragflächen Transportanhänger a & b, Anhänger für schwere Lasten der Gothaer Waggonfabrik, Pf. 9, Pontonwagen (origin unknown), Bockwagen (origin unknown), Pontonwagen Model 1935 (f), Transportanhänger für Flugzeugteile (f), Stahlfeldwagen Hf. 7, Große Feldküche Hf. 11 & 13, Kleine Feldküche Hf. 12 & 14, Feldbackofen M 01/29 and Feldküche KP 3-37 (r).

New or additional photos can be found on following sides: DKW NZ 350, Horch 8 Type 40, Büssing-NAG 4500 S, Krupp 2-2,5t Lkw, MAN Z 2, Matford 5 ton lorry, GMC ACK-353, International D 300 COE, Hanomag K 50, s. gl. gp. Pkw. (4rad) (Sd. Kfz. 247), m. gp. Beob. Kw. (Sd. Kfz. 254), Landsverk 180, Sd. Ah. 53/54, Sd. Ah. 106, Sd. Ah. 319, Sd. Ah. 350, Sd. Ah. 450/451, platform trailer (one axle) unknown, miscellaneous trailers (one axle) unknown, platform trailers (two axles) unknown, trailers with box body (two axles) unknown, miscellaneous trailers (two axles) unknown, Anhänger für schwere Lasten Culemeyer, Pf. 10 and Pf. 11.






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