Miscellaneous unassigned 1-axled trailers






This one-axled trailer could not be identified so far. Possibly it was used for the transportation of a machine set. It could originate from the civil sector.









This trailer is a compressor trailer. Note the rivetet pressure tank. The exact type could not be identified so far.






Anhänger 1-Achs, geschlossen, 05-1944, Hoppe



This trailer with closed superstructure was photographed in May 1944. The type and manufacturer could not be identified until now.






Anhänger 1-Achs, Stromerzeuger, Hoppe



This trailer is for sure a machine set. Can somebody provide information about the manufacturer and the type of this trailer?






Wohnwagen bei WL, Hoppe



The placement of the members of the Luftwaffe was quite comfortable. This caravan is most probably a captured British Winchester caravan from the early 1930s.






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