mittlerer Schützenpanzerwagen (7,5 cm) (Sd. Kfz. 251/9)






The mittlerer Schützenpanzerwagen (7,5 cm) (Sd. Kfz. 251/9) was developed as supporting vehicle of the motorised infantry. Two prototypes were tested on the east front beginning in June 1942. In July 1942, an order for 150 vehicles was placed. Serial production started in October or November 1942. This photo of a well camouflaged Sd. Kfz. 251/9 Ausf. C dates from September 1942. So it is most probably one of the prototypes.









The Sd. Kfz. 251/9 was armed with a 7.5 cm K 37 L/24. This weapon was available in larger quantities after the Panzerkampfwagen IV and Sturmgeschütz III were rearmed with more effective weapons. The two lower photos illustrates the early D model of the Sd. Kfz. 251/9 which was manufactured beginning in July 1943. (Photo: German federal archive via Wikimedia Commons; License: Creative Commons BY-SA-3.0-gb)









The gun mount of the early version was less high than the shield of the MG of the standard m. SPW (Sd. Kfz. 251/1)! During combat, the crew was insufficiently protected. (Photo: German federal archive via Wikimedia Commons; License: Creative Commons BY-SA-3.0-gb)









Beginning in December 1943, an improved version of the m. SPW (7,5 cm) (Sd. Kfz. 251/9) entered serial production. The gun carriage of the weapon - now designated as 7,5 cm K 51 (Sf.) - was fitted onto the upper hull. Result was a much simpler construction. The new gun carriage had a much larger aiming range than the older gun carriage. A coaxial machine gun – which could also be used to fire at air and sideward targets – was available, too. This gun mount was also used for the Sd. Kfz. 250/8 and Sd. Kfz. 234/3. The illustrated vehicle was photographed during a field marriage. A 12 cm Granatwerfer 42 is visible in the foreground.






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