Mercedes-Benz Type 170 VK (W 136 K)






The type 170 VK Kübelwagen was developed based on the commercial type 170 V passenger car. The car was very reliable and durable. Because of the small clearance, cross-country mobility was insufficient. The illustrated photo was taken in Jeschen on 30th August 1939.









This Nachrichtenkraftwagen - signals motor vehicle - (Kfz. 2) based on a Mercedes Benz type 170 VK belonged to Nachrichten Abteilung 228 of 16. Infanterie Division (mot). The photo was made in Russia in 1941.









The kleiner Instandsetzungskraftwagen – small maintenance motor vehicle – (Kfz. 2/40) based on the Mercedes-Benz type 170 VK chassis was quite rare. A spare part box and a foldable workbench were stored in the equipment box at the rear. The two jerry cans on the equipment box were typical, too.






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