Pantserwagen M 39 (DAF Type P.T.3) resp.
Panzerspähwagen DAF 201 (h)



DAF 201 (h) WH-501519, Hoppe



Twelve exemplars of the Pantserwagen M 39 (DAF type P.T.3) were made from 1939 to 1940. The forward-looking design was armed with a 3.7 cm gun and three machine guns. The armour of the 4.8 metric ton heavy vehicle was up to 12 mm thick. A top speed of 75 km/h could be reached with the 96 HP V8 engine.






DAF 201 (h) Funk WH-501572, 227 ID, Hoppe



The Pantserwagen M 39 had a crew of five including drivers for forward and backward driving. At least one of these vehicles was destroyed during the battles in 1940. So the largest part of these vehicles was taken over by the Wehrmacht. The Pantserwagen M 39 was operated by the Wehrmacht using the designation Panzerspähwagen DAF 201 (h). Some vehicles were retrofitted with roof antennas based on German pattern.






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