Praga RN / RND






The Praga RN for a payload of 2 tons was manufactured commencing in 1933. It was propelled by a 52 HP (1st series) six-cylinder petrol engine. In 1936 the payload was increased to 2.5 tons and the engine power to 68 HP (2nd series). The Praga RND (1st to 6th series), which was propelled by a 50 HP four-cylinder diesel engine, was manufactured from 1934 to 1939. The illustrated Praga RND was made most probably around 1937.






Praga RN mit Notek, bei WH, Hoppe



The 3rd and 4th series of the Praga RN were manufactured in 1937. Now, the engine power was increased to 70 HP. In 1938, a totally new designed car body was introduced with the 5th series. This car body was used until production ended with the 12th series in 1943.









This Praga RN still had a Czechoslovakian number plate but was already in posession of the Wehrmacht.






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