BMW R 52 / R 62



BMW R 62 RW-5038, Kf5, Stuttgart 30-08-1932, Kalbitz via Hoppe



The BMW R 62, which was propelled by a 745 ccm two-cylinder engine, was manufactured from 1928 to 1929. The engine had a power of 18 HP. The illustrated machine had a RW number plate of the military district V Stuttgart and a civilian finish usually used for vehicles of higher staffs.






BMW R 62 RW-13689, Hoppe



This BMW R 62 with a RW number plate of the military district III Berlin had a finish of field gray otherwise usual for motorcycles. Except the 486 ccm engine and the appropriate attachment parts, the BMW R 52 was idetical constructed. Basically the smaller engine had different cylinders with a lower capacity and slightly different shaped cylinder covers compared to the 745 ccm engine. Both machines used the same handbook and spare parts list.









A BMW R 52 / R 62 with sidecar and mounted MG 08/15 of the Kraftfahr-Abteilung 6 photographed during a military exercise in Münsingen in 1931.






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