Schlitten, 300 kg (Hs. 1)






The first sledges were hastily developed and sent to the east front in Winter 1941/42. These sledges did not met the demands of this war theatre. Only the Schlitten, 300 kg – sledge for 300 kg payload – (Hf. 62) was a successful development. In 1942, larger quantities of this sledge were delivered to the forces under the new designation Schlitten, 300 kg (Hs. 1). (Image from D 72)









This Schlitten, 300 kg (Hs. 1) was used by a radio squad of the Wehrmacht. Note the minor differences in detail compared to the image from the manual.









Normally, the Hs. 1 was towed by one horse but it could also be towed by two horses in tandem. The side walls of the sledge could be removed for the transport of bulky freights. (Image from D 72)






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