Krupp L 2 H 242 & L 2,5 H 242 resp. LD 2 H 242 & LD 2,5 H 242






The Krupp 2 tons and 2.5 tons lorries are hard to differentiate, outwardly. There were different payload classes, wheel bases (3.6m & 4m) and engines (diesel & petrol engines). This lorry is most probably a Krupp L 2 H 242 of the year of construction 1936.






Krupp_L_2,5_H_242_der WL_Jan_40



This box-type lorry was based on the same chassis like the lorry above. The vehicle was used as ambulance by a Luftwaffe unit. The photo was made in January 1940.






Krupp_Lkw_02During production of this series, the design was changed once again. Note the changed radiator mask. This Krupp L 2 H 242 lorry is one of this later series (ca. 1937/38). It was powered by either a 55 HP diesel engine (LD 2 H 242) or by a 60 HP petrol engine (L 2 H 242).









A further vehicle of this series. Concluded by the right steering, this captured lorry is a formerly exported vehicle.






Krupp Funkwagen, WL-210690, Hoppe



This radio vehicle of a unit of the Luftwaffe was based on a Krupp 2-2.5 ton lorry, too.






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