Horch 830 R Kübelwagen



Horch 830 R Kübel WH-70885, Rogge via Hoppe



Full-length foot boards were used on some vehicles at the beginning of serial production of the Horch 830 R Kübelwagen. Most of the vehicles had the standard Kübelwagen car body. Also typical for these early vehicles were the little side windows attached to the frame of the windshield.









More than 4,500 exemplars of the Horch 830 R Kübelwagen were manufactured. The illustrated vehicle had a car body used as Kfz. 15 Nachrichtenkraftwagen (signals motor-vehicle). The typical rods were stored in mountings on both sides of the vehicle.









Beginning around 1935, most vehicles were equipped with a Kfz. 15 car body with a large stowing box at the rear. Also typical for the Kfz. 15 Nachrichtenkraftwagen were the Lager für Rückentragen - mountings for carrying frames - for each 300 m of heavy field cable on the front mudguards. The little side windows were omitted on later production models.









Beginning in 1936/37, the Kübelwagen received real side doors. Therefore, this Horch 830 R Kübelwagen with sheet steel doors was a vehicle of the year of construction 1936/37.






Horch 830 Kübel spät WL-125662, Hoppe



The front mudguards of the late production model of the Horch 830 R Kübelwagen were redesigned, too. Now they had a simpler, more round design without inserted spare wheel.









The Horch 830 R was so solid that some hundred Kfz. 17 radio vehicles with box bodies were built on its chassis.









The chassis were equipped with the box body by Gläser in Dresden. Serial production was allegedly in 1936 and in 1937.






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