Feldküche KP 3-37 (r)






The field kitchen KP 3-37 (KP = kuchnya polewaya (Russian for field kitchen), 3 = number of boilers, 37 = year of introduction) had three feed boilers. It was introduced in the Red Army in 1937. Two feed boilers were used to prepare two different meals while the third was used to boil water.






Feldküche KP-3-37 (r) motZug, Hoppe -1-



Besides the three feed boilers, two baking ovens with baking tins were available which were arranged below the boilers. A canvas top protected the crew against influence of weather only poorly.






Feldküche KP-3-37 (r) zwillingsbereift



The field kitchen KP 3-37 was superior to the German field kitchens. It was driven with single and dual tyre arrangement. Only the high construction caused problems during the distribution of the meals.






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