kleine Feldküche (Hf. 12 & Hf. 14)






The design of the kleine Feldküche – small field kitchen – (Hf. 12) originated from World War I. Already in the 1920s, several modifications were announced in the Heeres-Verordnungsblatt. In 1935, it was replaced by the improved kleine Feldküche (Hf. 14) (A.H.M. 1935, Blatt 9, 12th April 1935). The kleine Feldküche – small field kitchen – (Hf. 12) respectively (Hf. 14) was significantly smaller then the große Feldküche. The feed boiler had a volume of 125 litres. The coffee boiler was arranged on the left side. It had a volume of 60 litres.









No additional storage compartments were arranged on the right side. This is a major difference to the große Feldküche. The chimney was foldable on all German field kitchens. This kleine Feldküche was positioned on the platform of an Einheitsdiesel to create a simple field kitchen vehicle.






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