Austria satisfied its demands of motor vehicles with the products of Austrian companies already before WW 1. Thereby innovative developments were made which made a noise in the world. Representative, the three-axle lorries of Austro-Daimler and Steyr should be pointed out.
After WW 1, Austria had lost a large part of its motor vehicle stock and the remaining stock was in a bad condition. The treaty of St. Germain caused a similar situation for Austria like the one in Germany. Because of this reasons, the Austrian armed forces never increased over 22,000 men. In the time between the wars, one tried to face these problems by a high grade of motorisation. On 12th March 1938, Austria became a part of the German Reich. The Wehrmacht could take over some hundreds of high quality motor vehicles. The Austrian companies were quickly integrated into the German defence production and delivered war goods of all kinds to the Wehrmacht.







Austrian manufacturers:





Austro-Fiat (ÖAF)




Gräf & Stift













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