Tankspritzenanhänger (TS Ah 2,5a)
as of 1943 Tanklöschfahrzeug-Anhänger (TLFA/41)






The Tankspritzenanhänger - fire tanker wagon trailer - (TS Ah 2,5a) was towed by a Tankspritze (Kfz. 343). Equipment for the fighting against normal fires was carried along in this trailer. The TS Ah 2,5a was based on the Anhängerfahrgestell A1.









The rear side of the TS Ah 2,5a. The arrangement of the equipment corresponds to the loading plan. Besides others, branch pipes and hose connectors were stored in compartment 4. Seven 15 meter long B-hoses were carried in compartment 5 and six suction hoses 110 x 1600 in compartment 6.









The front side of the TS Ah 2,5a. A stirrup pump was located there. Besides others, two 20 meter painters, a distributer device with B-C adaptor and two electrical hand lamps were stored in compartment 1.






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