Polski-Fiat 621 L






About 12,600 exemplars of the Polski-Fiat 621 L were made beginning in 1932. It was propelled by a 50 HP engine and it had a payload of 2.5 to 3 tons. This Polski-Fiat 621 L was used as towing vehicle for a trailer. A Krupp lorry can be seen in the background.









This Polski-Fiat 621 L was used by a unit of the Wehrmacht. The lorry at the left is a Chevrolet COE of the year of construction 1939/40. The lorry at the right is a Chevrolet of the year of construction 1939. The driver’s cab of this lorry looks Polish, too.






Polski-Fiat 621 L Sankra, Aubrat via Hoppe



Rather rare was the illustrated ambulance based on the Polski-Fiat 621 L. No information is available how many of these vehicles were made.






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