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The roots of Ariel goes back to a company for the manufacturing of bicycles which was founded by James Starley and William Hillman in 1870. In the year 1874 it was moved into new factury buildings in Coventry. As of 1896 or 1897 the company was designated as Ariel Cycle Company. Until 1898 there were several bankrupts, sells and re-establishments of the company under changing owners. In the year 1898 the company was shifted to the Ariel Works in Bournbrook, Birmingham, and production of a propelled dricycle was started. Beginning in 1901 also cars were manufactured. As of 1902 motorcycles were made and the company was operated under the name Ariel Motor Company. In the year 1910 again bankrupt had to be announced. The company Components Ltd. acquired the production of the motorcycles. The branch of the car production was sold to Lorraine-Dietrich but in 1912 this branch was reacquired. Again a marketing company Ariel Motors was founded. In 1925, the production of automobiles was dropped and in 1932 the production of bicycles was ceased. In the same year the company Components Ltd. had to announce bankrupt. The production of motorcycles was taken over by Jack Sangster and the company was now operated under the name Ariel Motors (J.S.). Finally the company was taken over by B.S.A. in 1944.







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