Opel Blitz 2,0-12 1 ton lorry



Opel Blitz 1 to Pritsche Th-49351 WH, B+G-Wagen, Anderson via Hoppe



The Opel Blitz 2,0-12 1 ton lorry was made beginning in 1934. In the first years of war, this type was often used as towing vehicle for light guns. This Opel Blitz 1 ton lorry was used by a medical unit for the transportation of fuels.






Opel Blitz 1 to Kasten IA-291681, bei WH, Hoppe



The Wehrmacht used Opel Blitz 1 ton box-type van’s, too. They were used as propaganda vehicle, forces postal service car and for transportation of newspapers.









The Kraftzugspritze - power traction fire pump - (KzS 8), which was also designated Löschkraftwagen - fire engine - (Kfz. 345) according to D 600, was procured in larger numbers by the Luftwaffe beginning in 1936. Beginning in 1938, this vehicle type was procured on the larger Opel Blitz 2,5-35 chassis.






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