Mercedes-Benz Type 170 V (W 136)






More than 72,000 exemplars of the Mercedes Benz type 170 V were made from 1935 to 1942. Besides the illustrated four door limousine a two door limousine was offered, too. This Mercedes Benz 170 V limousine was used by a mountain unit.









The four door cabriolet-limousine was very popular, too. Further car body modifications were two and four door touring cars, a delivery van and an ambulance.









This vehicle was a Mercedes Benz type 170 V, too. It was a so called cabriolet A. This two seated sports cabriolet belonged to a commander of a tank hunter battalion. A further sporty variant was a roadster.









The cabriolet B of the Mercedes Benz type 170 V had two doors and four side windows. The illustrated vehicle belonged to a Luftwaffe unit and was photographed on the east front.






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