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The company Chenard & Walcker was founded by Ernest Chenard and Henry Walcker in 1901. The first car was presented the same year. Anyhow, the work had to be closed in 1907. In 1908, the company continued as a car rental. Already in 1909, five different car models with a series of different engines were offered. Sporty cars were made during the 1920s. A consortium with Delahaye, UNIC and Donnet was initiated in 1927 but this failed in 1932. The Aigle and Aiglon models were introduced at the beginning of the 1930s but they failed to prevail over their competition makes. The end for Chenard & Walcker as an independent company occurred in 1937. Later models used parts from other manufacturers.
Besides the passenger car program, Chenard & Walcker manufactured different lorries, too. Most impressive were the FAR semi-trailer units which were manufactured in different variations. Shortly before the beginning of World War II, the French Army ordered several FAR semi-trailer units as mobile workshop units for the army vehicle fleet.







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Passenger cars:






Chenard & Walcker Aiglon Y10






Chenard & Walcker Aigle 8






Chenard & Walcker Aigle 18 / 22 / 24

ca. 1936











Semi trailer units:















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