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During World War I, Denmark was one of the neutral states. In the years after the war, Denmark disarmed its army. Even termination of the army was discussed. In 1939, a non-aggression pact was made with the German Reich. Nevertheless, Denmark was occupied by German forces on 9th April 1940 during the operation Weserübung – the invasion of Norway. Until 1943, the Danish state remained widely sovereign. Even the Danish army survived. On 29th August 1943, the Danish army was totally disarmed. Some units escaped to Sweden. On 5th May 1945, these forces crossed over back to Denmark.
There were only a few Danish automotive manufacturers – but these did not gain a larger international level of awareness. So the Danish army had to be equipped with equipment of Danish and foreign manufacturers. Vehicles of Danish manufacturers were very rare in the stocks of the Wehrmacht.







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