leichter Flakkraftwagen (Kfz. 81)
mit Einheitsfahrgestell II für s. Pkw.,
mit Einheitsfahrgestell II für s. Pkw. Typ 40 &
mit Fahrgestell des l. gl. Lkw. (o)






The leichter Flakkraftwagen - light anti aircraft motor vehicle - (Kfz. 81), abbreviated l. Flkw. (Kfz. 81), on the chassis of the l. gl. Lkw. (o) - light cross-country lorry (commercial) - was used as towing vehicle for light anti aircraft guns like the 2 cm Flak 30. Only the Krupp L 2 H 43 / 143 chassis was used for this variant. The superstructure differed only slightly by the arrangement of the equipment from a standard Mannsch. Kw. (Kfz. 70).









After the Einheitsfahrgestells II für s. Pkw. - standard chassis II for heavy passenger car - had been introduced, the l. Flkw. (Kfz. 81) was also made on this chassis. This variant differed only slightly from a standard Mannsch. Kw. (Kfz. 70) based on the same chassis, too.






s E-Pkw Kfz 81 mit 2cm Flak 38, WL-408959, Hoppe



In many cases, the towed guns were mounted onto the vehicle to create a simple self propelled anti aircraft gun






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