Feldküche als Anhänger (1 achs.) (Sd. Ah. 401)






The Feldküche als Anhänger (1 achs.) - army field kitchen as trailer (one axle) - (Sd. Ah. 401) belonged to the equipment of the Luftwaffe. It was intended for supply units up to a strength of 170 men. There was a variant with iron wheels for the use mounted onto vehicles.









This Feldküche als Anhänger (1 achs.) (Sd. Ah. 401) corresponds exactly to the image in L.Dv.T. 981. Two bins could be tied down to the round storage spaces. This field kitchen was equipped with the Eisenrad - iron wheel - 700 x 80.









On this field kitchen, the storage boxes were smaller so that a spare wheel could be stored between them. It could not be clarified if this is a military or civilian variant of the Feldküche (Sd. Ah. 401).






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