Tiefladeanhänger für Panzerkampfwagen 20t (Vs. Ah. 642)
Tiefladeanhänger für Panzerkampfwagen 22/23t (
Sd. Ah. 116)






The Tiefladeanhänger für Panzerkampfwagen 22/23t (Sd. Ah. 116) - flat bed trailer for armoured vehicles - was officially introduced in December 1940 (A.H.M. 1940, Blatt 30 from 21st December 1940, No. 1275). It succeeded the similar testing model which was designated Tiefladeanhänger für Panzerkampfwagen 20t (Vs. Ah. 642). Armoured vehicles up to a weight of 22 tons, later 23 tons, could be transported. On the rear carriage there was a cabin for a second driver. Usually, it was towed by a Sd. Kfz. 8 or a Sd. Kfz. 9.









For loading or unloading an armoured vehicle, the platform had to be lowered and the rear chassis had to be removed. Although the payload was specified as 22/23 tons, heavier loads up to 28 tons were sometimes transported with the Sd. Ah. 116. (Photo: German federal archive via Wikimedia Commons; License: Creative Commons BY-SA-3.0-gb)









The Sd. Ah. 116 had a total length of 14.4 meters and a with of about 3 meters. The whole train had a considerable length which demanded a high grade of expertise from the drivers.






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